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Laura Gratiela Vicas

Universitatea din Oradea, Oradea, Romania

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Born: 1967

Interests: drug technology, drug quality control, plant extract, modified-release drugs

My current research interests cover different pharmaceutical fields. One area of research interest is pharmaceutical technology, both the liquid pharmaceutical forms and bioadhesive or solid ones. Thus, I have pursued the optimisation of several bioadhesive and solid pharmaceutical formulations using technological modulations and modern pharmaceutical adjuvants.
Another area of research in I am interested is the evaluation and control of product quality. Hence I have developed physicochemical and stability studies of drug substances or dosage forms: captopril, trimetazidine, ketoprofen. Therefore, I have used and also improved chromatographic, spectrophotometric and potentiometric methods of studying quality and quantity. Control applications are of particular interest, such as conducting stability studies for new developed drugs. Another area of interest the determination of the biological effect of several plant extracts.

Selected publications:
• Angela Antonescu, Simona Ioana Vicas, Alin C. Teusdea, Ioana Ratiu, Ina Andreea Antonescu, Otilia Micle, Laura Vicas, Mariana Muresan, Felicia Gligor . The levels of serum biomarkers of inflammation in hemodialysis patient. Farmacia, 62(5), p. 950 –, 2014.
• . Andrada Iova, Otilia Micle, Laura Vicas, Liana Micle, Sorin Iova, Mariana Muresan, Corina Ana Ionita . Oxidative stress in Alzheimer' s dementia. Farmacia, 62(3), p. 546 –, 2014.
• Vicas Laura . Optimization formulation of clotrimazole vaginal suppositories. Practica farmaceutica, 4(3-4), p. 151 –, 2011.
• Mariana Muresan, Otilia Micle, Liana Antal, Luciana Dobjanschi, Angela Antonescu, Laura Vicas, Florin Bodog, Mircea Dorofteiu . Correlation between reactive oxygen species and homocysteine levels in normal pregnancy. Farmacia, 59(2), p. 179 –, 2011.
• Tunde Jurca, Eleonora Marian, Laura Vicas, Daniela Gatea . Simultaneouss determination of metals in Hypericum perforatum L. by ICP-OES. Revista de Chimie, 62(12), p. 1154 ̵, 2011.
• Eleonora Marian, Tunde Jurca, Laura Vicas, Iren Kacso, Maria Miclaus, Ioan Bratu . Inclusion compounds of erythromycin with & #946; -cyclodextrin. Revista de Chimie, 62(11), p. 1065 ̵, 2011.
• Jurca T, Vicas L. Complexes of the ACE - inhibitor captopril. Farmacia, 58(2), p. 198 –, 2010.
• Laura Vicas. Sisteme cu eliberare controlata pentru aplicare intrauterina si intravaginala. Al VIII lea Congres Romano-German de Obstetrica si Ginecologie, Oradea - Romania, p. 442 –, 2009.
• Laura Vicas. Systems with controlled discharge for percutaneed administration(transdermic therapeutic systems. Archives of the Balkan Medical Union, 39, 3(2c), p. 105 –, 2004.


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