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Mihai Caragiu

Ohio Northern University, Ada, OH, USA

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Born: 1963

Interests: Finite fields, special prime sequences, quasi-randomness, discrete mathematics, mathematics education.

Ph.D. 1995, The Institute of Mathematics, Bucharest.
Ph.D. 1996, The Pennsylvania State University.
1996--1999: Washington State University, Assistant Professor of Mathematics.
1999--2000: Stanford University, EPGY (Educational Program for Gifted Youth), Research Associate.
2000--2004, Ohio Northern University, Assistant Professor of Mathematics.
2004--2011, Ohio Northern University, Associate Professor of Mathematics.
Beginning with Fall 2011, Professor of Mathematics, Ohio Northern University.
Top 25 STEM Professors in Ohio (2013)
Mary Reichelderfer Chair of Mathematics, Ohio Northern University, 2007--2008, 2004--2005, 2011--2012.
Pritchard Dissertation Fellowship, The Pennsylvania State University, 1996.
Wollmer-Klechner Scholarship in Science, The Pennsylvania State University, 1993.

Greatest Prime Factor Sequences. Euler-Fibonacci Sequences. Ducci Sequences. Quadratic Residues. Quasi-Randomness. Fibonacci Numbers. Traffic Flow.

Selected publications:
• Mihai Caragiu, Alexandru Zaharescu and Mohammad Zaki . On Ducci Sequences With Primes. Fibonacci Quarterly, 52 (1), p. 3238, 2014.
• Mihai Caragiu, Alexandru Zaharescu, and Mohammad Zaki. On Ducci Sequences with Algebraic Numbers. Fibonacci Quarterly, 49, p. 3440, 2011.
• Greg Back and Mihai Caragiu. The Greatest Prime Factor and Recurrent Sequences. Fibonacci Quarterly, 48, pp. 358-362, 2010.
• Mihai Caragiu. On p-adic Ducci Games. In Abstracts of the Papers Presented to the American Mathematical Society, Meeting # 1025, Miami University, Oxford, OH, 1025-12-167. 2007.
• Mihai Caragiu. Recurrent sequences based on the greatest prime factor function. In Abstracts of the Papers Presented to the American Mathematical Society, Meeting # 1020, University of Cincinnati, 1020-11-247. 2006.
• Mihai Caragiu, William Webb. On Modular Fibonacci Sets. Fibonacci Quarterly, 41, pp. 307--309, 2003.
• Mihai Caragiu, William Webb. Invariants for linear recurrences. In Applications of Fibonacci Numbers (Rochester, NY, 1998), Kluwer, pp. 75--81. 1999.
• Mihai Caragiu. On a class of finite upper half-planes. Discrete Mathematics, 162, pp. 49--66, 1996.
• Mihai Caragiu. On a class of constant weight codes. Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 3, 1996.

Theses and dissertations:
• Mihai Caragiu. Patterns, codes and quasi-randomness. 1996.
• Mihai Caragiu. Aplicatii ale corpurilor finite: distributia puterilor, semiplane finite, fizica aritmetica. 1995.


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