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Bogdan Constantinescu

Institutul National de Fizica si Inginerie Nucleara " Horia Hulubei" , Bucuresti, Romania

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Born: 1949

Interests: applied nuclear physics, archaeometry, radiation damage

Dr. Bogdan Constantinescu
Applied Nuclear Physics Department
National Institute for Nuclear Physics and Engineering "Horia Hulubei"
077125 Bucharest-Romania
Phone: 4021.404.23.49
Fax: 4021.457.44.40


· Born: October, 4, 1949, Bucharest, Romania
· Education: Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest (1967-1972), First class degree in Nuclear Physics (1972) with a diploma at the Institute of Nuclear Research from Dubna (Russia), Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (Leader Acad. G. N. Flerov);
· Ph. D. in Nuclear Physics with a thesis about the use of Bucharest Cyclotron in material analysis and characterisation.
· Career:
&#183; 1972-1977-Physicist at Institute of Atomic Physics, Bucharest, Nuclear Spectroscopy Laboratory. Studies on nuclear structure of nuclei 110=<A=<124 using gamma spectroscopy at Van de Graaff Tandem (7 MV) and at the classical U-120 Cyclotron. Measurements of magnetic and quadrupolar moments for isomeric states. A two months stage (1975) at the Institute of Technical Physics Harkov (Ukraine).
&#183; 1977-1989: Scientific Researcher at the Insitute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering, Bucharest, Cyclotron Laboratory. Studies on nuclear methods for elemental analysis using the subharmonic acceleration regime of the Cyclotron (PIXE, PIGE, RBS, NRA); application on biological, geological, environmental and thin-layered samples. Studies on radiation damage in nuclear fusion reactor first wall materials (stainless steels, Cu, Ni, Mo) using simulation of fast neutron effects by helium ions (alpha particles) implantation. Post Chernobyl measurements (I-131, Cs-134, Cs-137) on various Romanian food-stuffs in 1986-1987 using gamma ray spectroscopy. In 1982-1989 representative of Romania in the co-ordinating program of Eastern Europe States (COMECON) for nuclear fusion reactors. Numerous stages at the Institute of Atomic Energy Kurchatov (Moscow), Institute of Nuclear Physics and Technology NIIEFA EFREMOV (St. Petersburg) and Institute of Nuclear Research Dubna.
&#183; 1989-2006: Senior Researcher II at the Institute of Atomic Physics, Bucharest, Cyclotron Laboratory. Studies on elemental analysis methods using 3-5 MeV alpha particles for archaeological, geological and environmental samples (PIXE, PIGE); co-operation with Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches par Irradiation CNRS Orleans, France. Studies on radiation damage induced by helium and hydrogen ions on stainless steels and nickel; co-operation with the Institute fur Festkoerperforschung, KFA Juelich. Studies on intense fast neutron beams production via Be+d(13 MeV) and application on biological and analytical (archaeometrical) researches. Leader of Romanian team in the frame of EU COST G1 (1995-2000) and G8 (2000-2006) actions in archaeometry using nuclear methods. From 2000, project responsible for EURATOM - ROMANIA co-operation subtask "Gamma and proton degradation in optical transmission materials" (in 2005-2006 as Subtask. TW5-TPDC - IRRCER, Deliverable 5 : Report on radiation induced absorption of selected alternative radiation resistant glasses following ionizing and displacement damage comparison of effects). From 2005, director of the National Project "ARCHAEOMET" - CEEX 05 - D10 - 70 "Archaeometrical studies on gold, silver and bronze ancient museums objects using nuclear and atomic methods".
&#183; Stages at IFF-KFA Juelich (Germany), CERI-CNRS Orleans (France), ATOMKI (Debrecen), LARN Namur (Belgium) and, in the frame of EU Large Scale Facilities Access programme, for archeaometrical research, at FZR Rossendorf (Germany), LNL Legnaro (Italy), MAX II Synchrotron Lund (Sweden), AGLAE Louvre Paris accelerator, ANKA Synchrotron - Karlsruhe.
&#183; Participation at more than 100 Nuclear Physics Conferences and Symposia with papers on materials analysis and characterisation, radiation damage in metals, fast neutrons effects
&#183; Invited lecturer at eleven International Conferences
&#183; Romanian Representative in COST G1 and G8 actions "Ion beams in art and archaeology" and "Non-destructive analysis and testing of museum objects"
&#183; Fellow of the European Physical Society;
&#183; Academic Awards: Romanian Academy Awards for Physics "Dragomir Hurmuzescu" on 1986 an on 1991 for studies on various samples using nuclear elemental analysis methods at Bucharest Cyclotron.
&#183; Publications: 46 articles in specialised ISI quoted journals; 86 papers in other journals and proceedings of international and internal Conferences and Symposia.


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