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1. Romeo Teodor CRISTINA, Viorica CHIURCIU, Florin MUSELIN and Eugenia DUMITRESCU. Pharmaceutical analysis of Euphorbia cyparissias included on Beta-cyclodextrin complexes. African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 7(26), pp. 1814-1824, 2015.
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3. Cornel Ban and Kevin Gallagher. “Recalibrating Policy Orthodoxy: The IMF since the Great Recession, " . Governance, 2014.
4. Cornel Ban. “Austerity versus Stimulus? Explaining Change on Fiscal Policy at the International Monetary Fund since the Great Recession" . Governance, 2014.
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7. D. Moraru, S. Purwiyanti, R. Nowak, T. Mizuno, A. Udhiarto, D. Hartanto, R. Jablonski, and M. Tabe. Individuality of dopants in silicon nano-pn junctions. Materials Research (Medziagotyra), 20 (2), pp. 129-131, 2014.
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9. Peter, Makovicky; Eva, Tumova; Zdenek, Volek; Pavol, Makovicky; Ludmila, Vodickova; Jana, Slyskova; Miroslav, Svoboda; Alexandra, Rejhova; Pavel, Vodicka; Gabriel, Samasca; Alena, Kralova; Melinda, Nagy; Marta, Mydlarova-Blascakova; Jana, Poracova. Histopathological aspects of liver under variable food restriction: Has the intense one-week food restriction a protective effect on non-alcoholic-fatty-liver-disease (NAFLD) development?. Pathology - Research and Practice, p. DOI: 10.10, 2014.
10. M. Morrocchi, M. G. Bisogni, G. Ambrosi, M. Ionica, R. Wheadon, C. Marzocca, G. Pirrone, M. A. Piliero, A. Del Guerra . A detector module composed of pixellated crystals coupled to SiPM strips. Journal of Instrumentations, DOI: 10. 1088/1748-0221/9/08/P08007 , 9(08), p. P08007, 2014.
11. Filip, F, L Giosan. Evolution of Chilia lobes of the Danube delta: Reorganization of deltaic processes under cultural pressures. Anthropocene, in press, 2014.
12. Peterse, F, JE Vonk, RM Holmes, L Giosan, N Zimov, TI Eglinton. Branched glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers in Arctic lake sediments: Sources and implications for paleothermometry at high latitudes. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, in press, 2014.
13. Filipova-Marinova, M, D Pavlov, S Vergiev, V Slavchev, L Giosan. Varna Lake (north-eastern Bulgaria): vegetation history and human impact during the last 8000 years. Grana, in press, 2014.
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16. Teodorescu M. . Isothermal vapor + liquid equilibrium and thermophysical properties for 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide + 1-butanol binary system. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. , DOI: 10.1021/ie502247d, p. in press, 2014.
17. Coculescu E. C., Tovaru S., Coculescu Bogdan-Ioan. Epidemiological and etiological aspects of burning mouth syndrome. Journal of Medicine and Life, ISSN 1844-3117, ISSN 1844-3109, ISSN 1844-122x, 7(3), pp. 305-309, 2014.
18. Coculescu E. C., Parlatescu I., Gheorghe C., Coculescu Bogdan-Ioan. Algia bucala nespecifica. Problematica diagnosticului si a abordarii pacientului. In Conferinta Nationala cu Participare Internationala " Viziunea Interdisciplinara in Medicina Dentara" , Facultatea de Medicina Dentara, Universitatea " Titu Maiorescu" , 13-15 mai 2014, Bucuresti, p. 28. Editura Universitatii " Titu Maiorescu" Bucuresti, ISBN 978-606-8002-92-7, 2014.
19. Coculescu Bogdan-Ioan, Purcarea V. L., Pahontu E. Infectiile digestive cu Salmonella enterica subspecia enterica rezistente la antibiotice - o problema de sanatate publica. In Journal of Medicine and Life , 7 (Special Issue 1), p. 40. 2014.
20. Stan C. A. (coord. ), Balaet C., Bogdan-Ioan Coculescu, Dinca G. V., Epuran S., Gherasim I., Harsovescu T., Istode C., Tanasi M. C., Tudorache I. S., Vlaic S. G. Teste de pregatire pentru admiterea in invatamantul superior medical. Editura ETNA, Bucuresti, ISBN 978-973-1795-64-5, 2014.
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