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Ad Astra warns about potential effects of a set of new proposals to modify the frame for doctoral studies in Romania

A new set of proposals to modify the frame for doctoral studies in Romania was brought forward by the former minister of education and research Prof. Dr. Ecaterina Andronescu. Ad Astra believes that these proposals will affect the quality of doctoral studies in Romania. According to these the supervisors of doctoral students must be professors or have an equivalent research degree. This deprives young talented researchers that are habilitated (according to the article 166(2) from the law 1/2011) from the opportunity to guide their own doctoral students and makes the habilitation process useless. In addition, according to the new proposals the results of the research conducted during the doctoral studies must be published in 2 internal, departmental reports. This is an incredible proposal that paves the way for obtaining a doctorate without significant results that undergo review by peers. Ad Astra would like to stress that research results are only validated by publication in peer-reviewed, internationally-recognized journals. A doctoral graduate without such publications is ignored both in competitive academic and industry-guided research activities.

The complete press release can be read here (in Romanian):

Posted by Vlad Cojocaru


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