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• 01/03/15 Ana-Maria Bliuc in Nature Climate Change
• 06/02/15 Corina Tarnita in Science
• 30/01/15 Premiile Ad Astra 2014: Alina Serban contribuie la elucidarea mecanismelor aritmiei folosind platforma de fiziologie cardiovasculara si patofiziologie din cadrul UMF Tg-Mures
• 17/01/15 A fost aprobata noua componenta a CNATDCU si CNCS
• 16/12/14 Journal of Science Policies and Scientometrics 4/2014
• 08/12/14 Results of the online Ad Astra survey on recent developments of the Romanian R&D system
• 26/11/14 Premiile Ad Astra 2014: Un pas mai aproape de medicina personalizata, folosind puterea terabytes-lor, cu Irina Armean
• 26/11/14 2014 International Symposium on Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering (ISFEE)
• 21/11/14 Buget total Tinere Echipe - cerere de acces la informatii de interes public (RASPUNS FINAL)
• 14/11/14 Chestionar privind evolutia sistemului de C-D din Romania
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Ad Astra press releases:
• 30/03/15 Asociatia Ad Astra solicita M.E.C.S. revocarea Ordinului 3121/27.01.2015 privind organizarea si desfasurarea procesului de obtinere a atestatului de abilitare
• 18/03/15 Ad Astra protesteaza impotriva taierii bugetelor de cercetare
• 02/03/15 Ad Astra cheama in instanta Ministerul Educatiei si Cercetarii Stiintifice
• 17/12/14 Comunicat privind preintampinarea conflictelor de interese in evaluarea proiectelor de cercetare
• 14/12/14 Comunicat de presa privind discrepanta dintre bugetul propus pentru cercetare si Strategia Nationala a Cercetarii 2014 - 2020
• 01/09/14 Castigatorii Premiilor Ad Astra 2014
• 28/06/14 Comunicat al Asociatiei Ad Astra privind publicarea online a tezelor de doctorat
• 03/06/14 Scrisoare deschisa privind continutul stiintific al manualelor
• 09/04/14 Pozitia Ad Astra fata de posibilitatea de respingere a OUG 74/2010 care ar avea ca efect desfiintarea UEFISCDI
• 07/04/14 Comunicat privind alegerea presedintelui Academiei Romane
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Transylvanian Experimental Neuroscience Summer School (TENSS) 2015
Two days with metabarcoding @Cluj-Napoca
Full text scientific articles in PDF Format
New Technologies in Education and Research
In Honour of Gheorghe Paun's 60th Birthday: BWMC11 (31st jan-4th feb 2011)
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Funding opportunities:
Accesari fonduri energie alternativa
Opportunities in Cancer Market
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New publications:
• Purcarea V. L., Coculescu Bogdan-Ioan (autor de corespondenta), Coculescu E. C. Improving the quality of Health Care in the Romanian public health system - a priority in the reform process. Journal of Medicine and Life, 8(2), pp. 166-170, 2015.
• A. I. Suciu, Y. Yang, G. Zhao. Homological finiteness of abelian covers. Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, 14(1), pp. 101-153, 2015.
• Gabriel Istrate, Cosmin Bonchis. Partition into heapable sequences, heap tableaux and a multiset extension of Hammersley’s process. In Proceedings of the 26th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching (CPM' 2015), (to appear) . Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Verlag, 2015.
• Daniel Tabara, Muriel Pacton, Matthew Makou, Gabriel Chirila. Palynofacies and geochemical analysis of Oligo-Miocene bituminous rocks from the Moldavidian Domain (Eastern Carpathians, Romania): Implications for petroleum exploration. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 216, pp. 101-122, 2015.
• Mihai Valentin Herbei, Florin Sala and Marius Boldea. Using Mathematical Algorithms for Classification of LANDSAT 8 Satellite Images. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1648, pp. 670004-1 -, 2015.

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